Carbon Dioxide Deforestation

carbon dioxide deforestation

The world continues to search for ways to fight climate change, and scientists are turning to forests for the answer. The belief that forests may hold the key to slowing climate change is based on the process by which trees survive; photosynthesis. This process captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and then stores carbon […]

How do trees affect global warming?

how do trees affect global warming

Forests are the ‘green lungs’ of our planet. Without trees, life on Earth would look very different. In addition to producing clean air and oxygen, trees keep the climate of our planet stable through the removal carbon dioxide (CO2). So how do trees affect global warming? What is Carbon Dioxide? Why is it important? Carbon […]

Does Deforestation Cause Global Warming?


Global warming is the increase in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere. This can lead to several negative effects on people and animals, such as flooding and wildfires. 2 Trees and other plants absorb and store carbon dioxide, removing it from the […]

Planting Trees to Reduce CO2

planting trees to reduce co2

Planting trees to reduce CO2 is one of several proposed measures that can help with climate mitigation1.  Compared to other proposed mitigation solutions, planting trees to reduce CO2 has been thought to be the ‘most effective solution’ 2. This is, in part, due to the ability to scale the solution globally: an area the size of the […]

How Do Forests Affect Climate?

how do forests affect climate

The question of how do forests affect climate is a nuanced one influenced by a number of factors. Forests play a critical role in the carbon cycle due to their high sequestration capabilities1. They also help in regulating surface temperatures – something that is often overlooked2. Through vegetation, plant biomass, wood, trees and organic soils, […]